728rd f9hzf 89448 at6bd kthb7 79ys9 fnzd5 4k598 98842 64f36 iantd hrb68 bbi3e drt7r r6kky afkf7 et7tb 95tb2 se356 77in4 45yde French lawmakers officially recognise China’s treatment of Uyghurs as ‘genocide’ | 20JAN22 |

French lawmakers officially recognise China’s treatment of Uyghurs as ‘genocide’ | 20JAN22

2022.01.20 23:51 IIWIIM8 French lawmakers officially recognise China’s treatment of Uyghurs as ‘genocide’ | 20JAN22

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2022.01.20 23:51 xdragon2k Shark's First Visit (by Omelet Tomato)

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2022.01.20 23:51 James580__ Damn so using chegg isn’t a option anymore

Finna be playing Marvin’s room all night today
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2022.01.20 23:51 Masatet Asus zenbook vs Acer swift vs Asus vivobook


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2022.01.20 23:51 Used_Coconut7818 No watts, no drops

I just learned today while coasting down AdZ that if I’m not producing any watts, the drops counter stops. Even though I’m cruising down at 48mph. It doesn’t take much to generate a couple watts, get those free drops and pedal (slowly) down the mountain.
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2022.01.20 23:51 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] 78% of 7,000 commercial airplanes okay with 5G rollout ¦ CNBC on Youtube

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2022.01.20 23:51 Willing_Eye3534 Y’all Dean Wenner (AKA the last person in admin who cared about students) isn’t coming back. Don’t come to WIT.

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2022.01.20 23:51 joeyrakes587 27 [M4F] - Let’s Entertain Each Other for the Night

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2022.01.20 23:51 Alfiy_wolf Hope you’re having a good break Felix

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2022.01.20 23:51 TylerDurdenElite How beat Otto FF or age 2 rush

I usually play as Britain vs Otto.
For me I think the problem with Otto is that I never know if he goes age 2 early rush or FF and by the time I know its already/almost too late for me to act.
I know the explorer is key but what if he builds forward base a secret place with 1 vill?
If I ship 700w and then ship 6 musk and train 5 musk I think I can withstand his first wave. But what if he goes fast FF? Then I am in trouble and he probably has 2 falcs and 15 Janis in my base long before I am in age 3.
Those 210 hp Janis can really make trouble in age 2 if I am going semi FF.
I am ranked about #900 and have beaten seveal #700 ranked players. So not total noob but not pro either. I have maybe 500 hours in DE by now.
How to widen my awareness how to figure out what Otto player will do?
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2022.01.20 23:51 BillionaireBulletin So, President Trump was impeached for a phone call to Ukraine asking about Biden’s corrupt money-making dealings in Ukraine, but Biden “green lights” to Russia and the world that a “minor incursion” of Russian troops into Ukraine is OK.

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2022.01.20 23:51 Snoo79466 Ps4 trade

Looking to trade got all garages full looking for serious people only nd people not just asking for hand outs most have a mic nd clean cars on Yankton
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2022.01.20 23:51 AppropriateEgg8635 Smiley

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2022.01.20 23:51 boringperfectionist Why is it so hard for people to understand that you don’t need high beam lights turned on at night when driving in city and especially when the weather is completely fine?

Sorry for the rant… But it just boils my blood when that light is hitting you right in the eye waiting at the traffic signal blinding you for a minute or two. If you are reading this, please tell your family members the proper usage of high beam headlights. Thank you 🙏🏻
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2022.01.20 23:51 memedaddy69xxx RIP WE JUST KILLED THE CLUB

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2022.01.20 23:51 nopClip Tkachuk reminds John Marino why he's in the heavy-weight class of fighters.

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2022.01.20 23:51 1JPMendes Middle school dance

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2022.01.20 23:51 Kalum81 Season 4 predictions part 2 (Deal with it)

Episode 2:
The threat: Artemisia escorts the DEM pilots Knox and Barton to the DEM Headquarters in Japan, where they would await any sort of "Punishment" that would be given to them. She leads them to the main office where they find their boss, Isaac Westcott, waiting patiently for them. The two men nervously enter upon his instructions, where Barton leans toward his co-worker and asks in fear what will happen to them, to which Knox replies by instructing Barton sit back and shut up. Despite Knox trying to gain the good side of Westcott by asking him how his day was... Westcott simply says he's doing well for being 49 years old (You know I had to include an age drop in this xD). He then drops the bomb on them by thanking them for their trouble by letting Material A escape, and even rewards them. Knox was completely stunned by Westcott's sudden kindness, but Westcott then explains that the report had indicated that he shouldn't "Let his personal grievances" control himself... and further reveals he had planned to let Material A escape anyways and was grateful for them saving him from wasting money and time in the process of staging a believable setup. Barton was about the question him, but Knox then decided to take the out while he had it, and Barton followed him. At the end of the scene Westcott smiles sadistically.
The date: Shido meets up at the cosplay park for his date with Nia Honjou, and is, as usual, supported by Kotori and the crew of Fraxinus. With his headset in tight, he meets Nia, only to find she was doing her usual trolling. She had decided to wear a maid costume and purposefully put in on the wrong way. After Shido "helps" Nia, the first options on the Fraxinus screen show up. Kannazuki picks the super unpopular option of lifting her skirt... and when questioned by Kotori, he explains that she'll get angry and step on his crotch with high heels. Kotori immediately summons her muscle guards to send him off to punishment (Yes, this is a reference to a scene that occurred in volume 4 lol). By the time Kannazuki was gone, Shido had already started his date. As the date progresses, Riene notices that Nia's mood had remained the same the whole day and realized that this may be the time to impress Nia. Kotori then instructed Shido to take Nia to a movie, but Shido remembered being in her apartment and refused... instead taking her to a manga store, which caused Nia's mood level to rise almost to full, much to Kotori and the crew's shock.
The plan: Back at the DEM HQ in Japan, Westcott was in his suite with Ellen Mathers and Artemisia... Westcott once again remarked how Knox and Barton had done an amazing job for them, as if they had followed through with their plan, traces would've been left. After this, Ellen sternly looked at Isaac and told him she did not understand why they had let Material A loose. But Westcott then reminded her of their goal, and then said they had no luck inversing Material A whatsoever over the 5 years they'd been in possession of her. When Ellen raises her brows curiously and Artemisia walks closer, Westcott smiles. He then gets a notification on his laptop, which reveals he had been tracking the spirits mood... he then tells Ellen and Artemisia that Shido had already attracted the spirit, and further says he had let Material A go so he could have her get close to Shido, but then activate a realizer blocking her memories (Which he had installed sometime 5 years ago and was preventing Material A from remembering all of Westcott's inversion attempts) before Shido could seal her. He then further persuaded Ellen by asking her how she thinks "Elliot and Karen" would react when they found themselves on the defensive again. After the briefing, he told Ellen and Artemisia he was count on them both, to which Ellen replied "Understood, without any fail". After the scene the camera shows Nia, revealing that she was the spirit they had captivity of and were planning to inverse.
The drama: Shido is questioned by Kotori on how he knew about Nia's love for Manga, but Shido simply replied that he'll tell her later (Remembering he had not told Kotori about being in Nia's house). Nia spends almost $85 buying Manga, and when questioned by Shido on why she bought so much, she simply replied she felt like she had been asleep for a time and missed all these books. Shido also then notices that many of the books she'd bought had been out for at least a year. She then tells Shido she has "Never fallen in love with anything but 2D". Riene then decides to use the opportunity to raise Nia's affection to sealing levels... and Kotori instructs Shido to cosplay Nia's favorite character (I can't remember her name lol). However, while Shido is cosplaying, Kannazuki runs onto the bridge, having escaped his punishment, but he had lost his clothes and was only wearing boxers. Seeing this, several members of the crew are caught off guard (Kotori included) and loudly scream, which also throws Shido off and causes him to scream himself. Seeing this, Nia believes he was making fun of the character and angrily storms out of the store, cursing him. As the crew reported this event... Kotori angrily hits Kannazuki and tells him to "Save your shit for marriage". The guards then arrive again and take Kannazuki away once again.
Backup: Kotori and Shido arrive home to find Tohka, Origami, and the other spirits waiting. Shido apologizes for not being home all day, only to have Miku run up behind him and violently hug him while saying "I missed you darling!" Shido then asked Kotori what they should do after pushing Miku off, but Kotori replied that they had already created a backup plan in case the date didn't work. Shortly after, Nia's voice sounded over the TV speakers... After being questioned, Nia told Shido she had used her angel, Raisel to hack into their house speaker. Nia then cursed Kotori, explaining that she had been offered a free game about Shido... and she had been very impressed by it, but had used her angel to find out the other works of the company called "Rataskor", and had been told everything. Kaguya then mutters to herself that Raisel was like her "Viel of darkness" in real life, but immediately claims to have said nothing when questioned by Yuzuru, who had been standing right beside her. Shido then remembers a recent conversation with Tonomachi, who had told him about a Manga festival, and recklessly challenges Nia to a sales competition, and tells Nia she would let him seal her if he won, but if he lost, they would ignore her. Thinking this as an easy win, Nia accepts the challenge, and disconnects before anyone else could object. After this Kotori hesitantly accepts the challenge and decides to start planning out ideas with the spirits. When Shido thanks them, Natsumi replies "I want to help Nia see reason".
After credits: As Nia is walking home, she senses something wrong... and immediately starts moving faster... only to be encountered by Kurumi. Upon seeing Kurumi, she nervously gulps.

God damn that took time to write lol... I'm not going any further than Nia's novel because I don't wanna clog up this entire reddit page.
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2022.01.20 23:51 Upbeat_Farmer01 Do you think this is a scam? Seems a little odd to me.

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2022.01.20 23:51 un-chien-galicia Progression Post: Discus Recovering from Nitrate Poisoning (Info in Comments)

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2022.01.20 23:51 Dwaiko welp @bulkercut99 28th?

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2022.01.20 23:51 Enough_Chemistry2284 PBL things

Biology students be like I have a novel therapeutic for a zoonotic disease due tomorrow !
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2022.01.20 23:51 xsportbikeriderx Fell back below 200sma

Not too happy bout this.. we need to hold 4$
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2022.01.20 23:51 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Peloton saw a pandemic pull-forward in demand as an expansion of audience, says analyst ¦ CNBC on Youtube

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2022.01.20 23:51 313_Archer Is Iceland's income requirement for Digital Nomad Visa pre- or post-tax?

I'm on the edge of hitting Iceland's high-income requirement (ISK 1.000.000 since I am a full-time US employee) for its digital nomad visa. Pre-tax, I qualify. Post-tax, I do not. Does anyone know if this income requirement is set on gross or net income? Thanks.
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