A different way to speak thanks to Theoden King of Rohan

There are many factions in TLD. But there is only one War. Good guys versus Bad guys. Nothing between. GOOD FACTIONS: 1. Gondor - The last defence between western lands and Mordor, ruled by Steward Denethor in the kingdom capital - Minas Tirith. 2. Rohan - Kingdom of horse Lords, ruled by King Theoden, lord of the Golden Hall of Meduzeld. 3. Dwarves - ruled by King under the Mountain Dain ... Browse our listings to find jobs in Germany for expats, including jobs for English speakers or those in your native language. In J. R. R. Tolkien's novel The Lord of the Rings, the Battle of the Pelennor Fields [pɛˈlɛnnɔr] was the defence of the city of Minas Tirith by the forces of Gondor and the cavalry of its ally Rohan, against the forces of the Dark Lord Sauron from Mordor and its allies the Haradrim and the Easterlings. It was the largest battle in the War of the Ring. It took place at the end of the Third ... Very much Truth in Television.This can happen if someone dies an unnatural death (such as in an accident or due to disease) or if a parent lives particularly long (it's quite common for people over 100 to have outlived at least one of the parent’s children) and far too frequently during times of war when the offspring is old enough to fight and in earlier historical periods when death at ... “Eowyn braves the battlefield in spite of her uncle King Theoden’s order to stay behind while the men fight. However, after she encounters the Witch-King of Angmar in the field, she may wish she had complied with her uncle’s order, because the Witch-King’s Fell Beast is hungry…and our shield maiden’s supple form will make for the ... Frolich’s harebrained different-citrus different-animals explanation from above does sound crazy, but at least it’s consistent with everything they knew at the time. If some kinds of citrus cured scurvy and other kinds didn’t, that would explain why it worked for Lind and for early sailors, but it didn’t work for the polar explorers ... The Lord of the Rings is an epic high-fantasy novel by English author and scholar J. R. R. Tolkien.Set in Middle-earth, intended to be Earth at some distant time in the past, the story began as a sequel to Tolkien's 1937 children's book The Hobbit, but eventually developed into a much larger work.Written in stages between 1937 and 1949, The Lord of the Rings is one of the best-selling books ... Players become members of the Temple Knights, an ancient order with strong ties to the White Knights, after completing the Recruitment Drive quest. Additionally, completion of the quest Wanted! gives the player access to White Knight equipment contingent on rank in the order. Players' ranks within the order are different from the ranks suggested by the various tabard colours.

2022.01.20 22:17 GirIsKing A different way to speak thanks to Theoden King of Rohan

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2022.01.20 22:17 Professional_Cheek19 My watch collection so far I’m very grateful to on these two beautiful pieces hopefully more in the future cheers 🍻🍻🍻

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2022.01.20 22:17 Kato_Irons Pc HUD for console players?

So ive been playing this game on playstation with a good friend and ive always liked the HUD/interface from the youtubers/streamers more so ive thought its because they are on pc. Is there any way to still play with a controller on console and get the same HUD/Shop interface as they have? Been realy curious about that lately.
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2022.01.20 22:17 bigorangemachine OBV same as it ever was - since the 18th to 20th today - the stock is being held

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2022.01.20 22:17 ShortAlgo $CHTR Look at this! 9 Trades executed, trade Profitability of 77% and Profit Factor of 8. 15 minute chart

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2022.01.20 22:17 redditgays Get $40 off your Goodfood Meal kit order (Canada)

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2022.01.20 22:17 BSCNews_1 New Saint Monster NFTs Trading on PancakeSwap

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2022.01.20 22:17 Pokepuff16 Pls do something if you’re teammate is looping the killer

Heal, do gens, do totems…Idc what it is, but pls do something. Running around with no purpose while you’re teammate is looping someone is such a waste of time.
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2022.01.20 22:17 ShortAlgo $BX Look at this! 11 Trades executed, trade Profitability of 81% and Profit Factor of 4. 15 minute chart

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2022.01.20 22:17 Archaicmind173 The Eagle Regiment- Self replicating army.

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2022.01.20 22:17 EriccMendez Interesting!

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2022.01.20 22:17 lunadelvaux What is considered a ‘healthy’ shed? Is there anything to watch for? (Pic of most recent shed. 2nd since I’ve had her)

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2022.01.20 22:17 CaptainBC22 Major Bug in New World: Throphies can have 0 value and you don't even know it.

I have no idea what is causing this problem, but something in the game is causing throphys to have 0 value. We have to figure out what is causing it so everyone knows how to avoid it and be able to fix it by themselves since we know AGS will not fix this anytime soon.
I noticed this problem gathering and not getting any of the rare drops I normally experience in my normal time. I went to go craft my food and I was puzzled to see none of my throphys were giving me bonus chance in the crafting menu. This probably meant my major skinning throphys was not working too. Which means my luck throphys were also not working as well right ??? With a game that is built off RNG and modifying RNG.... MAKE THE RNG AT LEAST WORK AS INTENDED. It is already painful enough living with RNG.
My fix to this problem was not logging out or restarting steam. I had to replace all my throphies in my house. I am tired of wasting time to do this and azoth. If anyone knows what is causing this issue please let us know!
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TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DavidATS06
✅ Based on RIPMASTERS V5
✅ Audio: Latin Spanish and English
✅ Sub: Latin Spanish and English
✅ Light color enhancement
➡️ It is a .rar file so you must unzip it first and it will show you the VIDEO FILE.
➡️ In your player you can select any AUDIO or SUB you want.
➡️ RIPMASTERS will upload a V5.5 tomorrow
✅ PC: 5K Player
✅ CEL: XPlayer
⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://www.mediafire.com/file/h0k2wcmsvstgf85/V4-Spider-Man.No.Way.Home.%2528Eng-Lat%2529.HD-TS.Sub%2528Eng-Lat%2529.Twitter.DavidATS06.rafile?fbclid=IwAR1Bef__2xzto1Dug9HB_T1Rrn-UY_EbRUe-qvYACU4RFndJYxpdgWzedqY
**In the photo it says V4 because my versions V1, V2 and V3 were made based on the V1 of RIPMASTERS. Which are also on my Twitter.**


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2022.01.20 22:17 Mahoushoujomandiu Write in the comments pageant themes you would like to add in sunset island ( ˆ͈̑꒳ˆ͈̑ )੭♡

[Please tell me if the post is irrelevant or something]
I would love to see a more casual/simple theme, what about you?
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2022.01.20 22:17 cathyrin03 Younger Sister?

Younger Sister? This game isn't really elona but this one npc really looks like a Younger sister.

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2022.01.20 22:17 m0therscratcher My cozy place in outerspace

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2022.01.20 22:17 ShortAlgo $BSX Look at this! 9 Trades executed, trade Profitability of 88% and Profit Factor of 7. 15 minute chart

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2022.01.20 22:17 LuLubirds Tarot FAQ and Etiquette

I have noticed Tarot has become very popular these days especially with social media but with that has come a wild west mentality of anything goes. With so many people interesting in the trade I felt it would be a good idea to write up a "general" list of practices. It should be noted that there are some rules and etiquette that needs to be followed in order to be successful and respectful of the trade. I am by no means an expert but I have been practicing Tarot for 10 plus years. These are of course a generalized list and semantics differ from culture to culture so if I am missing anything or you would like to add to the dialogue feel free to comment.
Picking your Deck
This can be tricky as there are so many to choose from and the quality and quantity has definitely improved over the years. However, avoid picking a deck (or multiple) because of how they look. Pretty pictures won't help in this profession as nothing is as as it seems in Tarot. You want to go with a strong energy, vibe, or magnetism etc., towards a deck, If you are new, start with one deck, preferably a Waite deck. *Why? Because, a lot of the more abstract decks are very difficult to read and are better suited for an experienced reader; Waite decks are more reliable and learner friendly. *Why start with 1 deck? Because you and your deck need time to become familiar with one another and you want it to be accustomed to your energies; only focus energy on 1 deck at a time. Don't be afraid to reject a deck that isn't working for you, just keep in mind you are doing it for the right reasons and not superficial ones. Do your research! Ask experienced readers for their opinions!
How to charge your deck
Perhaps "charge" isn't the right term but you will get what I mean in a minute. There are many ways to nurture your deck. The most important one is to have your deck on your person as much as possible. TAKE CARE of your deck! Avoid putting it on the ground or dirty surfaces. Ideally you want to cleanse the space first (not just physically), putting down a cloth or fabric is always preferable before starting. When storing your deck keep it in a dry and neutral/positive (energy) space. Quartz is a good example, decks like to hang out with them and many readers often utilize them during a session. Talk to your deck. This is a partnership. Be respectful of the cards.
Set reasonable boundaries and goals. Don't make outlandish claims. Own up to your own experience and whether you can answer a question or not. Tarot will NEVER give you direct information such as names, places, dates etc. If you are reading for a client, make sure this is known before starting; set your boundaries early to prevent future problems. DON'T fish for information or leading questions; let the cards do the thinking and the speaking, you merely translate that. If a reading is unsuccessful, there can be MANY reasons why that you may be unaware of at the time, ie. the client is closed off and the cards and yourself can't get a proper reading. Take a break and try again at another time, hopefully there is a resolution. Avoid over reading; for yourself and clients. People need to live their lives and constantly consulting the cards over every little thing or decision will only lead to anxiety and fear. Tarot should not dictate your life!(This is the rule of thumb for any divination).
*Negative readings don't = bad readings. "negative", doesn't carry the same connotation in Tarot. If you receive a less than favourable reading then you need to pay attention to it. It is more often than not a need for reflection on an issue that you are ignoring or over looking. Acknowledge what the cards are trying to tell you, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Use tact, empathy and understanding when addressing a negative reading with clients.
*Avoid doing your own reading! That's not to say you can't ever. The reason why it is not recommended is because you will never get a 100% truthful reading because of personal bias. You can warp the reading to your own design and interpret it to suite yourself, intentionally or not. Be wary of the reader who claims otherwise. Tarot is a humbling profession with no room for ego.
Educate yourself in various fields, have general knowledge; read art, history, philosophy, psychology, magic, etc. the more you know the better your can interpret your readings.
This is the main key to Tarot, if you lack it, Tarot is not for you. You can memorize all the cards and their meanings, have all the knowledge in the world, they won't help you if you lack to intuition to apply it.
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2022.01.20 22:17 EvanEvova I’m playing Worlds End Valentine for my schools talent show, here’s a clip, lmk what you think -

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2022.01.20 22:17 lucky_underwear My 25ish year old Ferrari collection

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