Lmk when you get it…

2022.01.21 00:06 spencergha Lmk when you get it…

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2022.01.21 00:06 _sumit_rana Basic Data Structure of R for Data Analysis

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2022.01.21 00:06 Cobalionrider Is it okay to use previously used reptile decorations?

Hey all, I'm very new to this, and like the title said I was just wondering if I could use stuff I had in a reptile tank as toys. See I had a couple toilet paper rolls in my Leopard Gecko's tank, but she didn't like them so I took them out around a month ago (idk why I still have them to be honest). I was hoping to put them in my new hamster's enclosure, but I don't know if that's safe since my Leo did crawl over them a couple times, and I don't know if they might still be contaminated with salmonella or other potentially harmful bacteria that Leos might carry. I doubt I can wash them, so I thought I'd just ask
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2022.01.21 00:06 hedgehogsqueak Fever accompanied by weird painful BMs, worried about serious infection

25f white 5’2 137lbs, northeast US. Clindamycin topical tretinoin topical concerta 27mg diflucan twice last week for YI Mirena IUD I’ve used all these medications for over a year besides diflucan. Non smoker non drug user IBS, PMDD Negative for covid and flu
I have a strict diet for my IBS but consumed fast food for the first time in years on Sunday, not sure if relevant.
Since Tuesday I’ve GI pains followed by semi formed diarrhea. 7/10 pain Tuesday with 7-8 BMs, probably 5/10 pain today with 4 BM. 3 days of it total. Tuesday I had a fever of 101, it went down and hasn’t come back. I had a barely noticeable sore throat, ear ache and headache. Pain is concentrated in a 4 inch radius around belly button, and radiates out, it’s crampy and burning and LOUD. It is very different than IBS pain.
I saw a doctor last night when my pain was worse, she said my belly felt soft and normal. my BMs were just regular diarrhea when I saw her. I woke up this morning and it was like light brownish/ almost yellow. Not watery just soft jagged pieces with what I think was undigested food. This has happened with every BM today. BMs have little smell but when I pass gas and burp it smells a little sulfur. Burps go away with pepto. Sorry this is very TMI. I’m thinking this is not a stomach virus as the doctor told me and I’m worried, especially with one of my medications being a cdiff risk.
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2022.01.21 00:06 Apart_Shock [Dragon Ball Z] Does the Frieza Force have a definitive headquarters?

Like is there a planet that serves as the center of all power for Frieza's empire? Or is it just wherever the hell Frieza goes?
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2022.01.21 00:06 Remarkable-Advice-63 Micropets Staking Pool and Rewards Update!

MicropetsBSC will have a NEW Staking and Reward System
Visit us at https://t.me/MicroPets QnA with CTO on Telegram VC every ☀️2-3PM UTC 🌜10-11PM UTC
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2022.01.21 00:06 KAGASTIEN Guys i downloaded Resident Evil 8 village from steamrip from the megathread , but it gives me a black screen at launch and doesnt go forward any fix ?

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2022.01.21 00:06 Apprhensive_Ostrich Isn’t it risky having most of your investments with Vanguard?

What if they go belly up someday? Poof all you’re investments you’ve acclimated over the years …. Gone.
Is vanguard like the Optimus prime of Canadian ETFs?
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2022.01.21 00:06 Pikapals52 Choose Your Legends: Round 6 Report Here are the female Heroes with the most votes on the first day of voting! Adult Tiki is in the top 8! Look in the replies!

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2022.01.21 00:06 Solid_V What products might actually be worth £1/lbs?

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2022.01.21 00:06 mustnttelllies Good books like the show Yellowjackets other than The Troop? Survival horror, preferably involving a group.

I'm loving this show so much and I was hoping it was based on a book but no such luck. I read The Troop ages ago and obviously Lord of the Flies. I also enjoyed Jeff Long's The Descent, The Luminous Dead, and The Ruins.
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2022.01.21 00:06 cvhnbvffg Cncnxh

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2022.01.21 00:06 Xanek Choose Your Legends: Round 6 Report. Here are the male Heroes with the most votes on the first day of voting!

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2022.01.21 00:06 KhaosKoordinator If anyone of the ‘creators’ in this community want to know about how MTT feels about them, tell them to check out this post and be sure to scroll the all SS. She seems to be very sympathetic toward Amanda & Amzi…it’s sweet, except that’s not what she communicates to her fellow streamers. 🤷🏼‍♀️

If anyone of the ‘creators’ in this community want to know about how MTT feels about them, tell them to check out this post and be sure to scroll the all SS. She seems to be very sympathetic toward Amanda & Amzi…it’s sweet, except that’s not what she communicates to her fellow streamers. 🤷🏼‍♀️ submitted by KhaosKoordinator to OpenOpinion1 [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 00:06 haber-trend Sıcak! | Asya borsaları karışık seyretti #Asya #Çin son saatin en çok aranan 7. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 2 gazetede yer alıyor.

Sıcak! | Asya borsaları karışık seyretti #Asya #Çin son saatin en çok aranan 7. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 2 gazetede yer alıyor. submitted by haber-trend to HaberTrend [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 00:06 NHKyeezy [01/21/2022] 2つの市と町だけが「18歳で成人式を行う」

I am a bot
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2022.01.21 00:06 roughravenrider More Americans Identify As Independent Than GOP or Democrat | New Gallup Poll

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2022.01.21 00:06 NHKyeezy [01/21/2022] 北海道 凍った湖で回る氷に乗って遊ぶ「アイスカルーセル」

I am a bot
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2022.01.21 00:06 Gnom3girl How do I fix my friendship?

TW: I briefly mention sexual assualt
I'm going to start off by saying that I'm not certain what a flair is or if I picked the right one.
I also want to say I'm diagnosed BPD and this is hitting me hard.
Without giving too much away, I met someone years ago and we briefly dated. It wasn't a pleasant relationship. I'm not sure if this is normal because a lot of my relationships are unstable and I understand. I'll meet someone online and then I'll basically do acrobatics just to make that relationships work even though we're two very different people and they're not reciprocating the same energy or even the energy I'm looking for. It happened with this person.
It got to the point where I was able to forgive them (they weren't innocent in how they treated me) and we were on talking terms, friendly. One of my close friends passed away and I had posted a picture of them on my Instagram and this ex had called me to ask if I was okay and if I needed someone to talk to. That meant a lot to me and it still does. Losing that friend destroyed me. And from there we gradually formed a stronger and stronger bond.
He used to be best friends with this girl who I felt threatened by when we were dating. I never had met any of his friends actually and to this day, I still haven't. I'm not necessarily bothered by it. Anyway, during 2020, he let me know he started dating that best friend and I was genuinely so happy and so excited for him and them. I thought it was the cutest thing. I no longer had any romantic feelings for him, I stopped having any years ago. He was just my best friend at this point. I hated using the past tense in that last sentence but I have no idea what's going on anymore. Like I said, I was truly excited and happy for them.
While they dated, we played video games a lot as usual. There was even a day that I was having a really difficult time and he hung out with me. I asked if he let her know. I just wanted to be respectful of their relationship and he said he would let her know after. That kind of made me anxious because I didn't want to cause issues in their relationship. He was truly just my friend and the reason why I was sad was because a guy stood me up LOL.
I remember looking at my instagram to see who viewed my story and I saw she did so I politely asked if I had done anything and if everything was okay. I really didn't want to get in the way of his relationship and I always told him that. That being said, I was afraid to even message her so I asked him. He told me he asked her about it and what she said and to me it's quite clear she got scared thinking I was upset and came up with the quickest reason she could think of. I dont think she wanted him to get mad at her for that. We've since talked about it and she knew about me and was creeping and accidentally clicked my story LOL. That was my first time really knowing that she knew who I was.
One day he added this girlfriend to our video game party and it was so cute, I loved it. I used to feel threatened by her yes but I also always wanted to be her friend. I thought it went well. I could tell she was trying to make it clear they were in a relationship and that's fine, I understood and I dont judge her for it.
Me and the girlfriend followed one another on Instagram and became somewhat good friends. I find we're very similar and like the same things. We even both dislike the same food. I find that hilarious. I thought it was cute.
My guy friend didn't like it. He wasn't too thrilled on us being friends because he wanted to keep his friendships and relationship seperate in case he ever wanted to vent about his girlfriend to his friends, he could trust it wouldn't get back to her. How could it if they dont know about her or who she is? I will say I always thought he was just private about his relationships but I can see how that's problematic.
I did continue to talk to her here and there. That is until they broke up and I felt torn. I was having a hard time with it all. I felt in between two people. One I knew for years and valued and one I just officially met (online only) and was starting to quickly value. After some time I stopped talking to her. There's many reasons and one being I fucking hated that my best friend hurt her so bad and I couldn't face her. I couldn't do it. She would ask about him too and I could tell how much she was hurting and grasping for any information she could get on him. It was painful.
He quickly got a new girlfriend and I suppose that's great. If they're happy, fantastic. Honestly I think their relationship is very codependent and toxic which I told him. Yeah... don't tell someone that about their relationship. It was fucking shitty of me and I've since apologized and told him I really disliked that I did that. I will say though, unlike his ex who was nice about and to me, this one just talked shit about me because I'm a woman. Now, here's my issue, the same thing is happening from his past relationship, I'm now threatening to a new woman and I dont even want her boyfriend. I told him to introduce us and he basically refused. It's the same thing, he doesn't want his girlfriends to be friends with his friends. Now that I'm older, I'm understanding this is alarming.
For me it felt like our friendship was private. Like if he was with his new girlfriend, he wouldn't respond or answer my calls. His ex told me that he used to answer my calls sometimes in front of her. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing either, im not one to think someone answering a call or text is disrespectful when they're with someone else. Anyway, this became an issue when I was going through my own breakup and I just needed to talk to my best friend because I was going through a hard time. He rejected my calls.
It hurt. I understand putting your partner first but it hurt still. When him and his new girlfriend were fighting, he would call me whenever and he knew I would answer. I was always a shoulder. Then when I needed my bff, he didn't want to be disrespectful... I get it but it also comes off as disrespectful to me and my time. I know for a fact that if I were with someone, he'd say sorry for bothering me but he also knows that I would insist he wasn't and I'd make sure he was okay. If I had to hang up or I couldn't answer, I would follow up with a text to check in. That's why it hurt I guess. I realized how much I was doing and how okay they were with KNOWING I was having a difficult time and not checking in. I'm not his responsibility but he wasn't mine either.
After that I told him that I wasn't interested in being in contact with him anymore, I felt like it was one sided and something else, I forget. He said he didn't like it but that he understood and respected my decision. We didn't talk for maybe a week until he called me and asked if we were never going to talk again. It genuinely meant so much to me that he was calling me to talk about it. It showed he cared.
Things went back to normal for a good while. I got my best friend back. I felt good again but I did feel sad I couldn't meet his girlfriend and have her judge me for who I was as a person. For me it didn't matter though because I had my bestfriend back.
I don't know exactly when but I felt like we were drifting and I can't remember the last time we really hung out and played video games together or anything. This part makes me feel really sad, we were basically inseparable before. I can't really bring myself to type about it because it hurts to remember.
Anyway, a few weeks ago I messaged him asking how he felt if I was friends with his ex. He said he was fine with it as long as he wasnt a topic of discussion. I said of course not. The very short conversation was so weird. It felt like I was talking to a stranger.
Just to be brief here is a list of my reasons for wanting to be her friend: 1. I thought my friendship with my best friend was strong enough that this wouldn't cause an issue 2. I really like the girl 3. Its been more than a year since they broke up 4. Truthfully, I am a grown woman who can make my own decisions but I wanted to be respectful to my friendship with him.
I'm getting tired of typing so I'm just going to summarize. My friendship with her has been great. She's really sweet and really kind and I enjoy that friendship. I had before also so it's been nice to be in touch again.
After I asked him, I've only heard from him a few times. I started to question everything and I still am. Have I done something horrible? Am I a terrible person? Should I have never messaged her? Should I have kept our friendship a secret and only casually mentioned it the next time we speak again?
I messaged him today expressing I've noticed a shift in our friendship and I asked if everything was okay. He called me and he let me know why but said he didn't want to talk about it because he was worried about my reaction (that kind of sucks, we used to be able to talk openly and honestly with one another). He told me that he felt like he was losing his bestfriend when I asked if I could be friends with his ex. That breaks my heart. I thought our friendship could handle it and I like the girl a lot. I also question whether or not he's keeping something from me because he was distant before I asked.
The whole vibe felt off and it felt like he stopped caring. If I wasn't talking, he had nothing to say. I started crying. I can understand how I hurt him. I have no idea what to do or how to make it right. Maybe I can't. Um I guess I've betrayed him. I really have to come to terms with this.
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2022.01.21 00:06 Responsible-Emu-5552 Ohio’s Covid-19 cases among K-12 are just updated. The total number of new cases this week is 24617.

Here are the details of each school https://www.covidschooltracker.com/oh. All data are from the Ohio Department of Health.
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2022.01.21 00:06 kaiwrx Where to find self improvement classes/coaching for professional development (public speaking,ect)

Hi there! Just found this sub.
Has anyone found programs that have helped with your goals? I am specifically looking to improve public speaking, as well as being assertive/confident and more precise with wording, along with improving networking skills.
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2022.01.21 00:06 operator-60 Breakfast at the Gion.

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2022.01.21 00:06 chibibiu (Mother to be) How much should I prepare for sending a kid to international school in Japan

Currently, I(Soon to be PR) am earning 9-10M a year and my husband(PR holder) earning 7-8M a year, so it's a total of 16-18M depends on our bonus. The tax and insurance are high.. like almost 30% so we actually end up around 11-13M a year
Now, we live comfortably without kid
Our rent right now is 1.8M a year, it's 2LDK 65sqm apartment. Since we are both working parent, we also need to send our kid to nursery and need to use after-school service that let kid stay in school until 18:00. While browsing for the school tuition, I think I need to prepare at least 3M a year considering the school bus and some annual fee.
And if my kid wanna learn something like music, art or sport, I want to be able to pay.
Our first target would be having single kid because i'm not sure if I can afford 2
Last point which still puzzling to me is that we we are both non-native in English and Japanese. Our english pronunciation is not 100% correct but it's just enough in work environment. So one of us will use mother language and another one will use english at home. We expect a school to help correct the pronunciation for our lost cause.
I am not sure if our earning is overly high/not enough for our need
And I'm not sure how the kid can learn Japanese in our case. The kid will need to be trilingual as we are unsure of our future. We don't know when we will go back to our home country.
Aside from suggestion for my case, I would love to hear the experience of others as well. It would help me to see how it should go.
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2022.01.21 00:06 makeagentsgreatagain Cheapest 61 key keyboard with Midi out

I play piano and have begun to produce music I also go to college out of state and have no piano to practice on there. I currently own a nectar lx 25 plus midi keyboard but I would like to purchase a larger 61 key keyboard. I want it to have midi out so I can connect it to FL and not have to use its native soundboard but however I do not care about pitch bend or any of the buttons associated with a midi keyboard. In essence I want to find the very cheapest keyboard with 61 keys midi out and no other features.
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2022.01.21 00:06 christian32_ [WTS] Modlite PLH V2 18350 full light set up with surefire pressure pad and tailcap (CT)

It’s in perfect condition. Pressure pad is combined with the tailcap. Great little setup.
Comes with light, clicky cap, surefire pad, charger, and 18350 battery
Asking $300 for everything
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