O avid music listeners of Reddit, lend some wisdom. What songs have the greatest sounding chorus, but the crappiest verses/build up?

2022.01.20 22:57 BeegBeegGae O avid music listeners of Reddit, lend some wisdom. What songs have the greatest sounding chorus, but the crappiest verses/build up?

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2022.01.20 22:57 Coconut-Bean Would Simone Biles be able to beat up a bigger male in a fight, if she knew martial arts?

I have seen a lot of sentiment on this sub, about how size, gender, etc cannot be compensated by martial arts skill. So I am curious if someone as petite but muscular as Simone Biles would be able to beat up a male granted he would be much taller than her and maybe stronger too.
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2022.01.20 22:57 elmagico777 Charities in El salvador

Would like to know what charities, orphanages or organizations you support or recommend. My Dad takes good care of our family in ES while I occasionally send money to different organizations. These are 3 I have donated to recently: soya city, AFJA and the blogger murphslife (check him out for vids on FB). This year I'd like to donate where it is most needed for the elderly, disabled, kids and abused women. Please let me know. Gracias.
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2022.01.20 22:57 ForTheMeems Can I safely submerge my s7 in the Great Salt Lake or in a float pod?

I like to keep my watch on me as much as possible, and now having an AW I feel less attached to my iphone. Also when I go dipping at the lake, I have to leave my stuff pretty far or in the car because it takes awhile to get to an area deep enough to float
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2022.01.20 22:57 Carmelitaaaa 21M [Friendship] Must make new friends! :)

Exactly as the title says, I’m currently sick and looking to meet new friends. And hey, isn’t it weird that sometimes being sick can make you feel more comfortable? I’ve been extremely depressed lately, but being sick has made me look forward to being better. Fucking weird, huh?!
I like a lot of things, music is my favorite hobby, I’m a competitive gamer as well but Covid has turned all tournaments to online only which is less interesting for me sadly. I’m in a band, we fucking suck. I’m also a coffee addict 😭
Btw, nobody under 18 pls! It’s fine if you’re older, but talking to people younger feels odd. I’m not in school or anything, so I have a lot of free time. Up for friends who are more light hearted and those who want deeper conversation, I got you :)
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2022.01.20 22:57 MCMainiac WCGW not releasing your bucket of angry aluminium properly.

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2022.01.20 22:57 pirate-sg Send me a gift, I'll send back everyday onwards

9953 7524 8235
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2022.01.20 22:57 Few_Specialist6880 Looking for the best spark plugs for a 2016 GT to replace these stock ones I’m going for a max effort NA build what y’all suggest

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2022.01.20 22:57 Left_Preparation_452 How to buy.

If you are wondering how to buy, follow this how-to on the CheemsInu twitter.
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2022.01.20 22:57 montaukwhaler FDA Accepts Review of Cemiplimab-Rwlc in Combination with Chemotherapy for First-Line Treatment of Advanced NSCLC

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2022.01.20 22:57 Skid_with_a_gun When the Imposter is Sus! 😳😳😳

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2022.01.20 22:57 PickleBasket_ Update: Also what’s worse Xanax or Ecstasy?

I recently made a post about my siblings doing Xanax. I was asking whether to tell my dad. Based on comments and my own thoughts I told him. Not much has happened yet because him and my sister went to work. He’s mad but not at me. He was civil about the conversation which I’m proud of him for. He wants me to get more info from their friend to see how long they’ve been doing it and how often/much. I think I will. I also found my sisters weed stash and she has one and a half of the pill with the stash. I came to find out that the pills they’re taking are most likely ecstasy and not Xanax. They’re possibly taking both. So my question is which is worse? Are with-drawl symptoms worse with one compared to the other? Lasting effects? Is it easier to get addicted to one over the other? I just want to know the urgency. Also I plan on contacting my sisters school counselor for help and resources since I knew her last year when I was in high school. Hopefully me and my father will find the resources we need to help them. He seems like he really wants them better and if not I’ll put it in higher authority hands if I must.
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2022.01.20 22:57 RegulusWhiteDwarf They might forgot the first, but we'll never forget.

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2022.01.20 22:57 shoveazy Brake rotor replacement - 2017 [Mk7]

Was recently getting my 2017 serviced and when I got my car back, the tech casually mentioned I'd be needing my brakes replaced soon as the front rotors were already showing a hint of warping.
I'm at almost 45k miles and was wondering if/when others had this same service done and if so how much was it was to get it done? There are many shops around me, so I'm just trying to get an idea of what I should expect vs getting ripped off.
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2022.01.20 22:57 jackswiki What to know before hiring a designer?

I'm being promoted to team lead of my marketing department next month, and I found out today that our graphic designer is leaving. My boss has asked me to help with the hiring process, as they'll be a part of my team. While I didn't study graphic design in undergrad, I have some web design and creative experience, so I feel like I have an eye for good, effective design.
I've been here for a couple years, and we've hired two designers and one design assistant. None were classically trained, and I'm afraid it shows in our work - lots of inconsistencies, inaccessible use of color (red text on green backgrounds), and a relatively basic (if that) understanding of Illustrator and Photoshop. Also a general distaste of whitespace that hurts my minimalist soul.
While I wish our departing designer the best, I definitely think this could be an opportunity for an upgrade.
Ideally, I'd want a candidate who has an eye for design, who knows how to use design principles to solve problems and who would be open to giving and receiving professional design critiques. And, ideally, they understand what pixels/resolution are, and why you shouldn't just design everything in inches all the time.
Obviously, I plan on asking for a portfolio of different kinds of work. But what questions should I ask during the interview process? What are some reasonable expectations for an entry/mid-level designer? I don't want to overwhelm by expecting too much. Thanks!
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2022.01.20 22:57 luvalicenchains1979 Boost 4 a boost??

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/Op4SEO2cZmb
Thank you ! And I will boost you back for sure !
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2022.01.20 22:57 ciltiss Sus trabajos

Hola! Últimamente me pasa que me cruzo con gente que tiene trabajos re locos que vos decís, waww y qué haces ahí? Jaja... Me cuentan de que trabajan, qué hacen exactamente...si les gusta...Y CUÁNTO COBRAN? Porque esa es otra cosa que me intriga y no se dice. Empiezo yo: trabajo en una importante dietética de La Plata (Bs As), me encanta lo que hago y cobro $68mil x8hs de lunes a sábados
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2022.01.20 22:57 cbbBot [Post Game Thread] Chattanooga defeats UNC Greensboro, 72-64

Box Score

Team 1H 2H Total
Chattanooga 34 38 72
UNC Greensboro 30 34 64
Index Thread for January 20, 2022
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2022.01.20 22:57 dualsoulsyndrome Why didn't I see how low I put the bar?

I (30m) and my husband (33m) have been togethemarried for 5 years now. And our communication nowadays is less than stellar.
When we first started dating, I had a lot of issues I didn't know I had. I bottled everything up and old coping mechanisms weren't helping anymore. Thankfully, I've started therapy and medicines to help me get it together. And it's in this clarity after a year of therapy that I realize I have a problem with our relationship.
When there is a disagreement, my husband never takes responsibility for his end of things. He apologizes for having feelings or that I feel some kind of way. I've explained to him I want him to apologize for his actions because you can feel how you want to feel. When he needs me to do something, he'll continue pestering me until I do it, but he leaves me waiting when I ask for something. Or says he'll do something, but then doesn't so I nag like I'm his mom or something! More and more, he leans on me to handle everything - I always figured ever relationship had the go-getter - but during his time off, he only ever watches TV, horror movies (which I can't stand as the content has a chance of triggering a flashback) or plays video games. Everything he doesn't want to do falls on me, but I can't rely on him anymore.
I worry that maybe I've settled down with him because it was comfortable at the time.
But my feelings are changing. Now, mad at myself for accepting his behavior.
How hard is a genuine apology when wrong? Not leaving me waiting while whining for immediacy from me? Taking responsibility for yourself? I've been so mad that I undervalued my self so much to accept those behaviors for 5 years!!! Not once has he been quick, responsible, nor truthful.
I'm kind of mad that I've been accepting these conditions!
...but I don't know that I've been the best husband. Even in 5 years, I've never once gotten through this barrier that he puts between himself and everyone else. As a spouse, it hurts to know I didn't push. Maybe I could have spent more time early on getting to know him on an emotional level. But I was a mess without therapy and running on rapidly failing coping mechanisms.
But I don't want things to end. I suggested couple's therapy to help resolve the issues, but he adamantly refuses therapy because he insists there's not wrong with him or us. It's my hope that this counseling will change that. He has to share his feelings, even the ugly ones
I really hope couple's therapy works. Because I'll be honest - I REFUSE to live with those behaviors for another 5 years. I've realized that I'm on a last strike I didn't know I had - if he isn't actually committed to honesty and learning meeting me halfway or putting in the effort to better communicate with me, I'm gonna fall out of love.
...that also really terrifies me. What if he doesn't do his best? What other options are left? Will he even want to change, or will he decide to use his usual barriers? What does that say about how much he actually loves me if he refuses to change?
This was a long rant. I don't know if this is even the right subreddit for this stuff. But I just know I need perspective. Is there anyone else who's gone through these change of feelings for a loved one?
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2022.01.20 22:57 irldani is this ringworm? it doesn't itch

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2022.01.20 22:57 Tempest868 For the swarm! Almost done with my 2k army

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2022.01.20 22:57 eintein_dogdad03 Few days before exam

What did you guys do on your last days before the exam? Three days away & I tried to do one last nbme & I just could not sit through the thing. I couldn’t bring myself to concentrate, figured sitting through it was hurting me more than helping & closed my laptop halfway through. Has this happened to anyone right before the exam???
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2022.01.20 22:57 AliceJoestar DO YOU WANNA BE A [Heart] ON A [Chain] YOUR WHOLE LIFE!?

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2022.01.20 22:57 CoolLemon0411 Mech arena - official's community post comment section be like

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2022.01.20 22:57 jamieisntgay 33611

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