Héloïse, she's all blue

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2022.01.20 23:36 Embarrassed_Worth_84 Héloïse, she's all blue

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2022.01.20 23:36 Randomness_Girl What's an event that happened to you or someone you know that sounds like a romantic movie?

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2022.01.20 23:36 OB1JACOBY_ Who is your go to leaker?

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2022.01.20 23:36 ashveen96 Task Schedule does not run my powershell script

I have this below code which is used to transfer files

$SourcePath = "\\vminfra\ftps\LocalUser\FTPBackup\" $DestinationPath = "E:\Archives\Azure" Start-Transcript Get-ChildItem -Path $SourcePath -File -Recurse -Verbose -Force | Move-Item -Destination $DestinationPath -Verbose -Force -ErrorAction Stop Stop-Transcript 
I used the below bat file to run the above powershell script
C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -File "C:\Script\transfer.ps1" 1>C:\temp\transfer.log 2>&1 
I can run the bat file fine when I am logged in as domain admin but when I schedule this task to run daily via Task Scheduler, it never runs. See below for the errors I get when I try to run the bat file via Task Scheduler
********************** Windows PowerShell transcript start Start time: 20220121132155 Username: AA\srvc_ScheduleTask RunAs User: AA\srvc_ScheduleTask Configuration Name: Machine: AAVM11SRV (Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17763.0) Host Application: C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -File C:\Script\transfer.ps1 Process ID: 2844 PSVersion: 5.1.17763.2268 PSEdition: Desktop PSCompatibleVersions: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1.17763.2268 BuildVersion: 10.0.17763.2268 CLRVersion: 4.0.30319.42000 WSManStackVersion: 3.0 PSRemotingProtocolVersion: 2.3 SerializationVersion: ********************** Transcript started, output file is C:\Users\srvc_ScheduleTask\Documents\PowerShell_transcript.AAVM11SRV.7umy5IdB.20220121132155.txt PS>TerminatingError(Get-ChildItem): "Access is denied" Get-ChildItem : Access is denied At C:\Script\transfer.ps1:5 char:1 + Get-ChildItem -Path $SourcePath -File -Recurse -Verbose -Force | Move ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Get-ChildItem], UnauthorizedAccessException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.UnauthorizedAccessException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetChildItemCommand Get-ChildItem : Access is denied At C:\Script\transfer.ps1:5 char:1 + Get-ChildItem -Path $SourcePath -File -Recurse -Verbose -Force | Move ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Get-ChildItem], UnauthorizedAccessException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.UnauthorizedAccessException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetChildItemCommand ********************** Windows PowerShell transcript end End time: 20220121132159 ********************** 
I have made srvc_ScheduleTask as a service account and given to Log on as Batch Job via secpol.msc
I am not sure what else I can do here, any help would be appreciated.
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2022.01.20 23:36 Transcent_Lavender Accepted a new job in a different state, nervous but excited to start fresh. Need some words of encouragement lol

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2022.01.20 23:36 Ginger_spice14 Did anyone have a gut feeling that they would have their baby early? We’re you right or wrong?

Im a FTM and have personally just felt like my baby will be here before his due date! I could be totally wrong of course but just wondering if anyone else had a strong feeling in other pregnancies that their baby would come earlier and if they were right or wrong?
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2022.01.20 23:36 firegirl110 A moment of silence for the fact that RHOSLC, RHOM and RHOP have taken centre stage in the housewives multiverse.

I used to be such a fan of RHOBH, RHONY, RHOC and RHOA!! But RHOLSC, RHOM and RHOP have undoubtedly delivered in ways I haven’t seen from the former Fab Four as of late.
These shows are so real yet so clearly orchestrated, they have storylines that either make me fall off my chair or at least a story line I can be on board with, these shows aren’t too too dark and last but not least these wives did their homework and understand the damn assignment. These shows have given me a new appreciation for real housewives.
Also just a little shoutout, but I’ve caught up on old seasons of RHOM and I’m sorry but Adriana does the absolute most, she’s completely in it for the cameras and knows how to play the game (even though we’ve all caught up on her act) but she is absolute reality tv gold. Hoe-Anna lives rent-free in my head 😂
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2022.01.20 23:36 M4n0fF6wW0rd5 The name isn't important, BDG is a nice guy

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2022.01.20 23:36 calzonegolem GetUpside commercials

I've been hearing these commercials for this app and it is driving me nuts. On the commercial the lady claims to be making $200-300 a month from the app.
So I did the math. Let's charitably assume you're getting the full $0.25 a gallon. That's 800-1,200 gallons of gas a month. If you're averaging 25 mpg ( https://afdc.energy.gov/data/mobile/10310 ) that is 20,000-30,000 miles a month.
The average American drives 15k miles a year. https://www.kbb.com/car-advice/average-miles-driven-per-yea
In conclusion, this app is dumb and I hate their commercials.
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2022.01.20 23:36 LocalZookeepergame97 ElenaKamperi - She....So Hotttt

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2022.01.20 23:36 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.20 23:36 Numerous_Tomatillo92 👙 Bikini Booty 🍑| Just Launched 🚀 | ✅ Major Marketing Already Started | x1000 Gem 🚀| BUSD Rewards 💵 | The SEXIEST BSC Token 💋

Welcome to Bikini Booty, the world's next king meme token.
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💻 Website Coming Very Soon
👑 Hold and earn BUSD
Bikini Booty is revolutionizing the metaverse. Soon, we will have full metaverse integration along with Play-2-Earn gaming. Early holders will reap the most rewards, so get in now!
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2022.01.20 23:36 LocalZookeepergame97 ElenaKamperi - She....So Hotttt

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2022.01.20 23:36 _galaxyfoxx_ Looking for SD or SM

Looking for a SD or SM, no scams (CashApp only, I’m not paying fees), DM me for details
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2022.01.20 23:36 -une-ame-solitaire- The Doctor I shadowed passed away.

Recently found out that the doc i shadowed passed away on January 1st. I am very sad because he really made an impact in my decision to pursue medicine and he will be missed dearly by his patients and everyone who worked with him.
I never got a letter from him, but now im thinking if i list my shadowing with him and a school asks for proof, what do i do? How are they going to verify my hours?? Do i mention that he passed away somewhere on my application? or only if they ask? not sure what to do.
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2022.01.20 23:36 UncommonPhoenix As an American, is it possible to take a long break from work to travel and still remain an employee?

The pandemic has made me realize that I have one dream trip that I really want to take. I cannot afford yo pay for the air travel, so I am considering getting a job at an airline. My issue is, the trip has to be at the beginning of the year, when I will have basically no accrued time off and has to be at least 6 weeks to due the timing of some events I would be attending. I would prefer 10 weeks, but I think that is a bit of a lofty goal. I don't mind working some on the trip, I'll be traveling a lot and in some places for an extended period of time, but there are a lot of places I just don't want to have to work. Is it ever possible to get unpaid long periods of time off? I still need to be employed there to get the employee travel benefit, but I will be able to save up a lot for the trip and am going to some pretty cheap places, so I'm not worried about getting paid while I travel. Does anybody have any thoughts?
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2022.01.20 23:36 9shadowcat9 A milk vending machine. You could even buy the glass bottles from it.

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2022.01.20 23:36 khubba1 Some more first aid, dental hygiene and adult diapers for the homeless shelter.

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2022.01.20 23:36 BearHoldingAshark Work-In-Progress Base that I've been making for me and my friends on a public MP server

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2022.01.20 23:36 is8r8eh2h2h2u SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

I turned around and started running, she was running right after me. She hit me with her necklace. We ran all the way down the hall, she was also trying to grab me and hit me. Before that happened, we turned the corner and there was 2 administers. I began stomping loudly to get their attention. They looked and told me "go back, and try that agian!" I did go back, but I was scared because she was around the corner. One of my classmates saw her chasing me and him and his friend saw it. He told him "she always be going after him, bro!!!"
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2022.01.20 23:36 DueMacaron7789 Guy I’m dating has ED

So I F33 have been seeing a guy (40) for a couple months now. We have had a few bumps in the road since dating and I am not sure I am all in on having a relationship yet. He keeps asking me to be his girlfriend but I said I need more time. The first issue was not sexual, but I made it clear that I wanted a man who was interested in traditional gender roles in relationships in the beginning. For me, that means I am interested in dating a man who can live up to the traditional role of being a good provider in a relationship/marriage. I am disabled from a connective tissue disorder so if I was going to be in a relationship I would need the man to be the breadwinner and provider especially if we end up having children. I made a post about this in a regular dating forum and explained my own personal reasons for having these requirements as well as general practical reasons why I think men should be paying for dates in general even in these modern times and my post was heavily criticized. Anyways, this guy told me he believed in traditional gender roles at first in the beginning and in “men being providers” but then there were a few things that happened that contradicted these statements. He is I would say middle class with the job he has but whenever we would go out to eat he would tell me to order appetizers, and one time he asked if we could split Chinese food. He also loved that I cooked (being traditionally minded he loves women that can cook he said) and started inviting himself over whenever I said I was making something to his liking for dinner and ate second helpings without asking four or five times a week. When I brought it to his attention that I seemed to be putting in more effort and money in the relationship so far and we weren’t even official, and that asking me to pay for half of dinners after claiming he believed in men being providers seemed like he was full of shit. He apologized and made up some weird excuse as to why he has led me to pay for half of dinner (even though I was paying to make him dinner four or five times a week regularly) because I wasn’t his girlfriend yet. I politely said that didn’t make sense as many men pay for dates before a woman is their girlfriend. I do believe that many men will push boundaries and see if women will allow men’s mistreatment or taking advantage of them they can. I put my foot down to this and I think he saw I wasn’t going to allow it, but I still have it in the back of my mind that he tried to treat me like this. And wonder what else he might have up his sleeve in the future.
The second thing I had an issue with this guy is that he was using my YouTube and signed in on my tv once. I became curious as to what videos he was watching and looked at it when he wasn’t over once. There were a lot of videos on MGTOW or rational male videos and redpill videos. I asked him why he was watching these videos and he said that just because he watched them didn’t mean he believed in all of the theories in them and just watched them for educational purposes and to figure out why he was facing issues in dating .I believe that the reason he was getting rejected in the past by women is because he used to be very overweight so I am also concerned that if he is watching these videos thinking it was women’s fault that shows that there may be some delusional thinking going on and little self awareness. while I can understand what he’s saying, I don’t understand why if these videos aren’t something he believes in totally why he would keep watching them. Some of the videos are very misogynistic stating that women’s market value lies in their youth and beauty and men who are older are right to want to date much younger women . This doesn’t take into account that a 50 year old man should have very little in common with a 22 year old woman.
The third reason I am having hesitation with this guy is that he has some erectile dysfunction issues and he’s only 40. I think that is young to be having issues like this and while he did buy some online service for viagra pills to be sent to him in the mail, he only takes them maybe once a week so any time I initiate sex or he does it is unsatisfying for me unless he has taken his viagra. I am guessing it is expensive and that is why he doesn’t take it every time we have sex. I also tried to talk to him about seeing a primary care doctor to see what underlying issues if any could be causing the Ed and he agrees that he should see one since it has been about five years since he has, but I have noticed I have to remind him to do things and I have had to keep reminding him about this. It has been about a month since I told him it would be good to do this and he still has not made the appointment, but said it was because he was busy at work. I feel like he could call on his lunch break , And I feel like this is a bad sign too that shows I will be the one always nagging him to do basic things in a relationship if he can’t even make a doctors appointment for himself .
I realize people aren’t perfect and it has been hard for me to find a guy with zero red flags. I know that probably a lot of guys wouldn’t want to date me for having my health issues no matter how many guys ask me out because I’m attractive . So I tell myself I shouldn’t be so picky but I also don’t want to settle. As far as the ED should I talk to him about it ? Or should I just move on ?
TLDR: guy I’m dating who has had some previous red flags for me is not satisfying me in bed to boot because of Ed. Should I cut my losses and break it off or talk to him about it ?
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2022.01.20 23:36 Jolly-Hurry1373 Apparently it’s not normal to think about ending it (not in danger rn, just did a mental health check)

i did a mental health interview today and was honest and hit “think about dying 5+” option and he brought it up and I was like damn he think I’m in danger. Like I do think about killing myself but not like I’d go through with it in those moments. There was only 1-2 times when I felt alone and reallly down and I just wanted it to stop and I even researched how. I got scared because I have the therapist guy my address and he said he’ll send people if I was in danger and shit. But like even the more passive thoughts about death aren’t normal apparently. I thought a lot of people thought about it but ig even if they/we do, it’s not ok and we should better ourselves. Anyways he made me do a self help sheet. Honestly it hurts so bad addressing my issues and it’s the first time I ever had a mental health check up and idk man. Like it hurts addressing shit because I’d just push it down but I think addressing it helps? Like now I have a little self help sheet and if I want to die, I can just read it and distract myself. Rn I feel fine only because I’m not focusing on the things that stress me out but idk man. I hope people like me can get through this. Honestly what helps me keep going is “selfish” reasons like not about how my family will miss me, but how I’ll miss my family. I want to see my favorite tv shows end, and I want my damn Amazon package. I hope I find more reasons to live and live a more fulfilling life but thank god for the little things.
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2022.01.20 23:36 unlikelyoutcomes Every Other Daily Ops lately

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2022.01.20 23:36 FelineFriend21 My new and most favorite needle minder of all time!!!!! From MindYourOwnNeedle on Etsy!

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2022.01.20 23:36 eligeorgia My Home Cafe

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