I heard you guys would get a kick out of my employer’s bullshit

In case you want to venture out of your safe Linda zone, you might want to check out Baron Wolman's amazing work, Google is your friend. You should also check out some other talented music photographers, especially the people featured in the PBS series, they were and are some of the best music photographers in the world. "Fine, just fine. I'm going to my lab aunt May, call me if you need something," I yelled out as I walked down to the basement throwing my bag at my work station. I took out my notes for the new formula and began work on the new web serum. It took me all day but I finally managed synthesis a proper batch. I then began to experiment. my newfound favorite is aniwatch.me because you can watch with your friends at the same time (a feature included in the website). the only downside to it is probably the funny comments you can see with disqus on sites like gogoanime (which is my 2nd go to site because of how clean everything looks. much better than the original gogoanime site that looked SO BAD). Boyfriend TV is an exception to all of the carbon copy bullshit out there. After all, I’m sure you’ve stumbled across some kind of tube website and had to sort through mislabeled videos, filter through the same copied vids, and struggled to find quality, original footage. So, let’s get into the visual cock-utopia that is Boyfriend TV. You may have heard of that. What you haven't heard, because I'm just mentioning now, is that In 2020 I sold a story to Analog! I've cashed the check and done the copyedit and it's coming out sometime this year. This is my first print magazine sale, and very exciting. The story is "Mandatory Arbitrarion", a legal thriller I wrote in 2019. That was the start of my Christmas vacation, but far from the end. Up to this point, I've written in excess of the required 3000 words (3212). I've also front loaded my vocabulary words. Dr. Hamilton, if you could find it in your heart to commiserate with my plight, please read no further, and grade me on what I've written so far. * * *

2022.01.20 23:10 loko715 I heard you guys would get a kick out of my employer’s bullshit

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2022.01.20 23:10 slo-mo-hoe Most people making weird tik toks know what they’re doing is cringe!!

Doesn’t the fact that most of the tik toks are made in the bathroom indicate that people making them are themselves aware of the fact that they’re doing something weird/embarrassing??
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2022.01.20 23:10 Amber_Steel86 I get fed the “onlyfans is banned in my country” line a lot. Is there any truth to it?

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2022.01.20 23:10 LoveMangaBuddy Read Martial God Asura - Chapter 440 - TrueManga

One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside him. ... Read Martial God Asura - Chapter 440 - TrueManga. Read more at https://truemanga.com/martial-god-asura/chapter-440
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2022.01.20 23:10 virgin1102281 What originated "incel" online culture?

Whenever I use the Internet/social media, especially on sites like youtube/reddit, i notice every now and then an "incel" culture. From what i've read, the "incels" are a movement of males who blame their lack of sexual activity on inappropriate female standards, or something.
But it seems to me that it extends beyond that. Apparently, the "incel" mindset often also has political connotations. They are mostly conservative-minded, and are quite tribalist. And they seem obsessed with some idea of "masculinity" that they believe is being targeted by the "feminist/lgbt agenda".
It also seems like this is not a US only thing. I sometimes notice hard core Muslim/Hindu males band together online and seem to share similar beliefs.
Does this have to do with some internet movement? I feel like sites like 4chan have become breeding grounds for it, or are responsible for spawning this culture. They also seem to be invested in meme culture, and use a certain jargon frequently, which include "beta/simp/cuck/based/soy" etc. They also seem to create a lot of the "right wing" youtube videos with exaggerated titles, mostly about "destroying" an adversary in a discussion.
As a male who is a little insecure with himself with the belief that he lacks female attention others have, and thus technically fitting of the term "incel", it still somewhat surprises me that the lack of a partner has become inter-twined with this somewhat strange, mostly online socio-political movement.
So my question is, when did this internet subculture begin? What spawned it? And have there been studies as to the demographics behind such members in it, and what their motivations are?
Would be curious as to your thoughts. Thanks.
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2022.01.20 23:10 World_Conquerormeme Any tips to get leeb

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2022.01.20 23:10 InMyyPrimeYT theres no iconics coming out on the weekend like last week right?

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2022.01.20 23:10 Pleasant_Disaster_55 Where to eat for cheap?

Let’s say you’re out and you’re hungry, you want to eat something filling for cheap (around 10$) where, what would you eat? ( please don’t suggest a shawarma wrap, one wrap is not enough only the platter is filling but it’s not cheap :/ )
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2022.01.20 23:10 WinstonChurchillin If you could rename the Internet, what would you call it?

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2022.01.20 23:10 Topshelfers_Podcast Explaining the Black-Eyed Children paranormal phenomenon.

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2022.01.20 23:10 MasterNerd69 We have leveled up. God help us!

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2022.01.20 23:10 upsho WMBW couples, what postive attributes did you find in your partner? What struggles did you over come?

I guess I'm just curious.
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2022.01.20 23:10 tipping Where would you like to live if you didn't live in Boulder area?

10+ years ago my husband and I decided we would like to retire to the bouldelouisville/superior area. We could still do it but financially it would be less than ideal.
Between ongoing drought/fire hazard and the ridiculous increase in real estate (rental or purchasing), I think I need to reexamine my potential landing spots.
My sister is in Montana which has all the problems of CO minus the economic opportunity (not that we'll need jobs, but ya know). So where would you all go that has same vibe, beauty and recreational opportunities?
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2022.01.20 23:10 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.20 23:10 dawnclark0327 Rearranged my cichlid tank and added plants. Hope they survive.

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2022.01.20 23:10 theharryyyy Alright I got a hypothetical question for all of you. So you’re trapped in a vault for a weekend with three people, but you get to pick the three people is. However, the three people have to all be born in different centuries. Assume there is no language barrier. Who are your picking and why?

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2022.01.20 23:10 BreadEggg I have much to discuss

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2022.01.20 23:10 jakishababers Already processing

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2022.01.20 23:10 deeohdoublegzzy Is it recommended to soak an atomizer/3D chamber in isopropyl before first use?

Just got a new 3D chamber and I’m really excited to puff on it. Whenever I get new gear, I usually clean it with isopropyl alcohol.
When you get new atomizers, do you just swab the bowl with isopropyl or soak the atomizer in isopropyl?
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2022.01.20 23:10 Lynx_au Animated server icon request

Hi there just wondering if anyone could possibly make me an animated server icon for my server message me on discord lynx#0666 and we can discuss
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2022.01.20 23:10 austinisaacs Queen (Deluxe) [Explicit Version] by Nicki Minaj

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2022.01.20 23:10 noahdelorme26 Teen Party 👯‍♀️🔞

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2022.01.20 23:10 engineertee Left ear feels pretty clogged/pressure after a bad sinus infection

38M , 5’10”, 245lbs
I had a pretty bad cold or flu or something two weeks ago. I did not have a fever, but I was completely congested and had sore throat for 5 days straight. I took a bunch of Covid tests that all came back negative.
Now every symptom has cleared except some light drainage, but my left ear feels like it’s completely clogged and pressure for 3 days now. It feels like I’m on a plane the whole time. Should I go see a doctor or just wait it out?
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2022.01.20 23:10 Holofan4life Rimuru with a different hairstyle

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2022.01.20 23:10 Late-Can8065 Customer are hungry..

Definetely a propanga and not giving order to deliver..What a fucking hoax, and i don't understand why they allow to order a meal that is almost 10 miles and there is one closer? They get there changed and the driver suffer.😣
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