Top 10 Sher Of Nasir Kazmi | Rekhta

2021.12.08 04:19 Rasa_Aggarwal Top 10 Sher Of Nasir Kazmi | Rekhta

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2021.12.08 04:19 No-Appointment6530 Has anyone been able to acquire the Bungie foundation ship?

Pretty much title. I donated $50 to the fundraiser and was able to redeem the emblems, emote, and ship. I have the correct Bungie account linked to my steam account and so far I’m only able to see the 2 emblems. Anyone else experiencing this?
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2021.12.08 04:19 AngeliaWalton [Hiring] Apply Now: Senior Engagement Business Analyst- FULLY REMOTE (REMOTE)

Apply here
We are hiring, Apply Now: Senior Engagement Business Analyst- FULLY REMOTE inAZ, Phoenix for PRECISIONxtract
Apply here
This is a remote position, the city is mentioned here is just as a reference, we are hiring only people allowed to work in the USA for tax reasons, thanks
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2021.12.08 04:19 dunkkacino How's everyone's lives going?

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2021.12.08 04:19 Notmymain233556 I am not a good person

The entire personality my friends and family see from me is fake. I know exactly how to make people feel bad for me and am a pathological liar. I've gotten really good at it. It's come to a point where I'm scared that they'll find out I'm not who they think I am.
I only thought about getting this off my chest because I was thinking of how to manipulate my crushes feelings towards myself. She gets anxiety and I was thinking about how I could use that to get her to like me more. As in I'd make her anxious about something before swooping in to save the day like prince charming.
If I'm being perfectly honest, I also wanted to write this to get some pity. And I don't know if telling you that is also just to get your pity. So it's a huge spiral of not knowing if I'm genuinely saying something from the heart or just saying it because it makes people think of me better.
I'm going to post this now before I delete it all and forget about this and go back to being a piece of garbage. At least this way someone will know about it. Even if you don't know who I am.
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2021.12.08 04:19 Suspicious_Tell_3158 The CryptoCollies is a collection of 1,000 unique CryptoCollie NFTs — unique digital collectibles minted on the Polygon blockchain. CryptoCollies are your digital best friend. They do a lot crazy activities, adopt one today and join the kennel. GIVEAWAY NOW! Get your FREE piece! WALLET + UPVOTE

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2021.12.08 04:19 shemulgomes This project contains a strong and promising team and the opportunity to make big profits from this project It is a real project with good ratings website : #xceldefi #xcelswap #BSC #XLD #DeFi #XcelLab #DEX #crypto #BinanceSmartChain #buyxld

This project contains a strong and promising team and the opportunity to make big profits from this project It is a real project with good ratings website : #xceldefi #xcelswap #BSC #XLD #DeFi #XcelLab #DEX #crypto #BinanceSmartChain #buyxld submitted by shemulgomes to ico [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 04:19 RIP0K Give NSO access to all external decorations on vehicles of all factions, except for camouflage and glow stripes. And besides the beeps.

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2021.12.08 04:19 it_happened_so_fast Another day at the office

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2021.12.08 04:19 playadefaro I stopped making pumpkin pies after buying once from Costco. It costs $5.99 and can feed 10 people. Sure, pies made from scratch might be marginally better. I have baked and eaten my share of pumpkin pies but this one is quite close to perfection and there's just no need for baking it at home.

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2021.12.08 04:19 mathmare USS Callister, the ethics of VR escapism, and other related stuff [WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS]

Hey. So a bit of background: I'm not familiar with the Black Mirror show. I just came across the USS Callister episode from research on a personal project (more on that later), so I may be using terms wrong or not getting the general theme of the show and I do apologise for that. Also, I did not watch the episode. I first came across it a few months ago, but didn't think much of it---and I just rediscovered it a couple of days ago, which caused me to read the wikipedia article on it, as well as watch a few clips of it on YouTube, and read some media analysis done by others and the makers of the show. And I'll be frank: from what I know of the plot, I don't want to watch the whole thing---not yet at least. Not because I think it's bad---quite the opposite---it sounds like a brilliant piece of media! It's just that the plot is too extreme for myself and I'm a bit thin-skinned lol.
Here's my understanding of the plot: there's this socially awkward bloke called Robert Daly who's a gifted computer scientist working in a video company as their "Chief Technical Officer." He has all these weird quirks but compensates for it with his CS skills. But when he goes home, he likes to fantasy play in video game world as something of a hero-with-a-villain-twist character. He clones his coworkers into his video game and makes them role play, while torturing them in the process. Daly's clones then rebel against him to find a new world to go to and (probably) kills him in the process.
So here's how it relates to me irl: I have high functioning autism and sadly share a lot in common with Daly. The most obvious was an interest in VR as a means for escapism. Like Daly, I have a CS background, and was interested in using virtual reality as a means for escapism (the difference was that I wanted to do a more "safe-space/slice of life" VR escapism where I could be myself and not fear being judged, whereas Daly wanted to reenact some kind of Star Trek fantasy). I had the idea of VR escapism around the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, but then quickly remembered another TV show called Gravity Falls which touched on this very topic in an episode called Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality. In Gravity Falls, it's a bit different: the villain traps the protagonist's sister into something of a VR simulation where sister could shape it into whatever she wanted, and it was up to protagonist to convince his sister that reality is more important than a fantasy so that they can escape the villain's trap. This was what convinced me to think about the ethics of VR escapism and look into different pieces of media to try and find an answer to that question.
Other things that I have in common with Daly is the occational leering (or "starey") bit (which is weird since I'm usually scared of looking into peoples eyes), physical clumsiness, aggressive thoughts, general nerdiness, and unfortunately my tendency to unintentionally shock others (though it's possible that these traits are less extreme in myself than in Daly, and I do try to control them). I think the part where I differ from Daly is that I try to engage in metacognition and think about the effects of what I'm doing (the keyword here is try, and sometimes I find myself forced into situations where I have to act on impulse, or make bad decisions based on faulty reasoning). I also try to avoid dealing with difficult people (and if I ever made a VR escapist reality, I wouldn't want anyone from my irl life there, difficult or not). Another major part where I differ with Daly is the stalking bit. I sure as hell don't take DNA samples (or any other form of PII) of other people and/or try to profile them, that's just sick imo.
I don't want this to be completely about myself, but I am interested in your opinions regarding the ethics of using virtual reality as a form of escapism. If software can have feelings, is it ethical to create these kind of VR escapist realities? Also, if one manufactures a VR for the purposes of having its characters love and admire its creator, is it a form of true love? And how can nerds s.a. myself or Daly work to be less distasteful and deal with bullying in a more constructive way get angry at the toxic aspects of culture, not the individuals who are affected by it?
Also, I found other interesting discussions in this subreddit about this episode! * *
Sorry if this is an inappropriate discussion for the sub or if what I just wrote is incoherent as f---.
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2021.12.08 04:19 King_in_the_North2 Ashes of Al'ar dropped on first KT kill!

So as the title says, tonight I was a part of a guilds' first KT kill as a trial/pug. My best friend and I are recent transfers to Whitemane PvP server. I am an enhance shaman and my friend is a holy paladin. We are trialing with a few guilds that we have lined up 1 week at a time, just testing out the waters. This was our 2nd lockout on the server so far and we were clearing with a guild who were on KT progression much like we were in our previous guild. After a few attempts, we came to the final pull of the night. We were close, and we knew it. After a long grueling battle, we were able to topple this long-winded elf. To everyone's excitement, Ashes of Al'ar dropped. I am not ashamed to say it, I am subscribed to the voodoo that is raid seeding and I myself was the first person in the raid. My seed birthed a phoenix. We had fantastic loot all night. Claw on Al'ar, wand and dagger on Solarion, and to top the night off Ashes of Al'ar. One of the most sought after mounts in the game. Now you all know that most full guild runs would just take it and do with it what they pleased and hand it off to their GM or guildy they have chosen. Fat chance right? This was not the case. Apparently they had predetermined what their route for handing out ashes would be in the event it did drop. Which leads us to the juice. The run had about 4 pugs in total, myself and my paladin companion included. They ruled that everyone in the raid would get to free roll on the mount. Crazy right? It gets better. The ruling was that the person who rolled the highest and the person who rolled the lowest would then go into a death roll and the winner of said death roll recieved the mount. So the rolls come out and the GM rolls a 100 and the discord loses their minds. I roll an 85, respectable but can't best the 100 so your chance now is to roll low. Can't do that with an 85 either. My best friend on the other hand, the holy paladin I mentioned way back? Yeah he rolls a 2. 2 was the lowest roll. My best friend is losing it... are they really about to let a pug/trial roll for ashes? Sure as their word they let my friend roll. The death roll was from 100,000. To those unfamiliar with the process, two people roll down using the other persons' last roll until someone lands on 1, the loser. So the GM rolls the 100k first and my best friend comes back with 53k/100k. Next roll cuts it down to 6k. A few moments later and what felt like an eternity for at least 25 people. The GM rolls a 1/4 and loses the death roll. Tragic, I know... for the GM and the guild. Now to the best part. I'm sure a lot of you reading this are thinking.... Did they honor their word and give this crazy rare mount to a pug? You're damn right they did. Not only did they honor their word, but there wasn't even any discussion or people trying to change someone's mind. They handed it over within seconds of the outcome. My friend is absolutely ecstatic! Who wouldn't be? He just won one of the most iconic images of the burning crusade expansion... as a pug in a full guild run! In a time where are all you see on this subreddit is negative content and people complaining about how awful some guilds can be. Or just negative attention the game has garnered in the recent months. Today a good, wholesome thing happened and it deserves to be shared with this community. Who needs to know its still possible to find good people in this World of Warcraft! I will comment names and things once the guild has signed off on their name being shared, if they even want that! May your wow adventures be great and bring you fond memories for years to come!
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2021.12.08 04:19 Ale04010 NERIAN NETWORK

Hey guys 👋🏼
I’m just stopping by really quickly feeling the need to bring to your attention what I would consider a true SPECIAL gem. I don’t wanna be verbose and boring you writing detailed and long descriptions about this token, for this reason I’ll try to be as quick and concise as I can highlighting (in order of importance based on my personal opinion) few key reasons why I decided to invest on the Nerian Network.
• EXCHANGES - less than 48 hours ago it has been listed on BITRUE with more exchanges coming in the short future.
• KILLER TOTAL SUPPLY AND CURRENT PRICE - sitting at about $0.17/NER with a total supply of only 26,1000 million tokens (yes you hear right only 26 millions!!!!) doesn’t take a mathematician to understand how undervalued it is and how NER is literally sitting on a launch pad! To put it in a different prospective, when NER will have a total market cap of only $250 million you’ll be looking at $9.50 per single token thanks to having such a low supply……
• TOKEN DISTRIBUTION - 5,000,000 $NER were airdropped for the early birds back in August 2021 (first 5000 trustlines).
5,000,000 $NER are devoted for the Community Reward Programmes
6,102,019 $NER - Nerian Network
5,000,000 $NER - Strategy & Future Adoption
5,000,000 $NER - Initial Community Offering (ICO)
• GROWING AND BOOMING COMMUNITY - discord hey join me on Discord! Invite expires in 7 days. and TG communities are growing fast with the co-founders being active and engaging with the whole community even with $NER monthly giveaways on discord 😍
• REAL WORLD UTITLY - Nerian Network is determined to deliver the infrastructure and currency necessary for a transparent, ethical and democratic experience. A strong ecosystem built on trust and accountability with privacy and security as a priority focus in processing member's data. Nerian Network members will have total control of their personal data with the possibility to delete, relocate or monetize their digital ID. A built in data exchange will facilitate the exchange of data with third parties settling transactions with the native NER currency digital token
• NETWORK BENEFITS- Based on the amount of NER tokens in your native wallet, users will be able to increase their stake in commission trading their data with third parties
• FUTURE EXCLUSIVE- Users holding NER in their wallet will have early access to future products and services Nerian Network has to offer
• INCOMING ROLL OUT - As the platform rolls out and the network expands, more utility will be given to the native token NER
• ULTRA LOW FEES- NER token is running on the XRPL infrastructure and because its technology is superior in speed and fees(about 3 sec per transaction), the costs of a single transaction would be about 0,000012 XRP (basically $0!!)
Please DYOR and feel free to leave a comment 🙂
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2021.12.08 04:19 Ok_Cry_7149 Poop stuck on Colon Walls

Is it possible for small amounts of poop to be permanently backed up on the walls of the colon (not complete obstruction) after being constipated for a while?
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2021.12.08 04:19 maybeNicko Delay on PC

I have recently returned to play from the pc but I am having problems with delay of the commands, does anyone know how to fix it?
i tried pretty much everything from nvidia to windows settings but couldn't fix
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2021.12.08 04:19 GuiltyStructure6707 Can u spot the defect squish😂😭 squishmail from o&g bird box...

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2021.12.08 04:19 heardy84 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover 1000-piece jigsaw. Hinkler

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2021.12.08 04:19 Archreon what phobia do you have?

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2021.12.08 04:19 demosthenes131 Boost for boost

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
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2021.12.08 04:19 kbo_88 Blursed_mythical tree creature

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2021.12.08 04:19 LeEr206 Making Texture Packs Because I am bored

Hi I am 16 and still Go to school but I sometimes am still bored so I decided I will make Texture Packs (for free of corse) you give me Ideas and i will make them to Texture Packs Resolution: 2x2 - 64x64
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2021.12.08 04:19 Emotional_Trick_7839 Scots baker ‘abused’ after giving Boris Johnson a dumpling at market — Michelle Maddox said she was “reduced to tears” after receiving torrents of abuse on social media.

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2021.12.08 04:19 khaicreep Two friend meet

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2021.12.08 04:19 XxMARKY95xX Expert Challenges Finally done! 😎

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2021.12.08 04:19 off-da-charts- Does anyone else have tocd and need to talk to someone else with tocd

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